Well.  I broke down and got a blog.  I suppose for the most part this will be an outlet for my photography.  Chances are, most people reading this actually know me so I’ll keep the introduction brief.  I’m a senior at Carolina (there’s only one, for the record, and it’s in Chapel Hill) majoring in Economics.  Unfortunately, I’m graduating in May.  As such, I’ve been taking a few photography courses (well. two.) mostly because I’d like to get better.  Along those lines, any sort of comments/constructive criticism is encouraged.  As far as the content of the pictures goes, I suppose they will mostly follow my interests unless I take a picture for a class assignment and I actually like it enough to post it on here.  If there’s an interesting story behind something, I reckon I’ll tell it.

As it’s monday, the 5th of January… and class doesn’t start until the 12th… I’m sitting at home with nothing to do.  My external hard-drive with all my photos on it is in Chapel Hill.  Now, I only live 30 minutes away, but a hard-drive clearly isn’t enough reason to drive there and back.  I’ve got a handful of images from Christmas Break on my computer so I suppose one or two of those will have to suffice for an introductory post.


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