CPAC Conference (Friday)


Welp. My buddy Clint and I headed up to DC for the Conservative Political Action Committee Conference this weekend. Basically to get ourselves to do it (hey… it’s hard to get out of Chapel Hill on the weekends.) we signed up last semester. They had a deal going where it was $25 for students. PS, it’s currently $750 for people to register. So it was hard to pass that up considering the speaker lineup. Finding a place to stay was sorta challenging, as our first arrangement fell through they day we were slated to drive up. But we got it worked out, and we’re actually staying within walking distance of the conference!

Well. We didn’t realize that initially. We realized that when we went to the wrong hotel this morning. After we’d paid 10 bucks to park. Meaning we’d have to spend another 5 to ride the subway back and worth. Freaking weak. Oh well. We missed Tom Coburn this morning…. but we got there in time for some serious big-hitters.

But first, some pictures from the walk to the metro stop:

And now, part of today’s lineup of speakers:

Newt Gingrich:

Patrick McHenry:

Ron Paul:

Mitt Romney: