CPAC Conference (Saturday)


We got up early Sat morning (well. early for me, anyway) and headed back down to the hotel to see some more speakers. The first one we caught was William Bennett, followed by several panels. The biggest theme for today was choice in education, and the speakers raised some pretty good points. So the room we were in started getting more and more full, and eventually I realized that people were there several hours early to get a good seat to see Ann Coulter. That’s sorta depressing. I mean, I wouldn’t (and didn’t) pass up an opportunity to see somebody like that speak in person (regardless of party affiliation), but I’m not sure I’d wait in line for it. Shoot, one fat Canadian kid tried to propose to her during the question-and-answer. Gross. Well. After Ann’s speech, we decided we needed a break… so we headed out to look at some monuments before returning to the hotel for Rush Limbaugh. Rush was pretty much… awesome. I might actually have to start listening to his radio program. Though, we didn’t exactly get to see him. We were in the second overflow room watching a live broadcast. It was pretty crowded but still a great experience. Anyhow, here are the pictures:

William J. Bennett:

Tom Delay came out of nowhere to introduce Ann Coulter:

Ann Coulter:



Random metro station:

Clint at the Supreme Court:


Well, it was a helluva trip. We got to see a bunch of things and places I hadn’t seen in many, many years. Got to see some old fraternity brothers. We saw a pretty darn legit lineup of speakers for all of $25 bucks. It was certainly a good time. The ride back was less than pleasant as we were poisoned by some pizza-making Italian man in Alexandria, and it sleeted and rained the whole way back. But we made it home safe. In closing, I suppose I ought to post the standard shot of the two of us in front of the Capitol as taken by some foreign stranger:


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