Lots to post about — The semester is rapidly drawing to a close and I have a TON of work to do. And yet, the DTH keeps giving me assignment after assignment, and I’m generally late with my photography class assignments. Ah well, so this week’s assignment was to take two self portraits, two portraits of somebody I know well, and two portraits of people I don’t know well. Here are a handful of the ones I turned in:

Portrait of Sidney Clopton
(I took this for the DTH. Don’t pay me any money for it, or I’ll be in trouble.)

Self Portrait

Portrait of Andrew
(I know I’ve posted this before. I took it a long time ago. Whatever, it still fit the assignment.)

Alright…. the rest require a bit of explanation. Andrew, Doug and I headed out to the woods last night to take a picture for a class Andrew’s taking. While we were there I figured we could knock out two birds with one stone and take another portrait of Andrew and another of me for my class. We started out in the woods, and then moved to one field, and then another. So here are three of me, and one of Andrew:


Self Portrait


Portrait of Andrew


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