First Post From Africa!


Well, we all got here without a hitch, and made it to the Cherokee House where we’ll be staying for the next few months.

I’m not sure really where to begin on all the madness that is Addis Ababa. For one, all children – all of them – are obsessed with Porter. They shout at him as he’s walking by, “Hey you! Hey you! Big Daddy!!!” He’s way more popular than any of the rest of us. Although, being white makes you pretty popular. Every child here thinks I either have money or candy to give them. Unfortunately for them I have very little of one, and none of the other.

I wish I could put some pictures on here, but the internet is very slow and unreliable in Ethiopia. I have however been able to load some onto my flickr (since it takes far less time than putting photos on here). Please bare with my photos… I’m uploading them onto my netbook, and trying to adjust exposure and color on a 10 inch screen. They’re also all downsized to 800×532 or 532×800 (they size they need to be to go onto the blog) and also to make it easier to upload smaller files on a B-team dial-up connection. Anyhow… here’s what I’ve got: click here!

As for some of what I’ve been doing…. we’ve been spending a lot of time at orphanages. Most are amazing — the kids are hilarious and all they want to do is play with us. At the opposite end of the spectrum, I visited the Mother Theresa Facility for the Destitute and Dying. It was by far one of the roughest things I’ve ever seen. About 10 people die every day there. There are 1,000 patients in all, with one fatal disease or another. It was a very sad place.

Moving along… the public transportation system is pretty interesting. There are blue and white mini-busses everywhere. Apparently they have a set route (sortof laughable, as far as I can tell the streets don’t have names.) It costs about 0.85 birr to ride it one stop. They add on another .85 for each additional stop you ride. That comes out to about… 8 cents American. Anyhow, they come tearing up to each stop with a guy hanging out the window shouting where they’re going, and everyone going there sprints to the mini-bus and pushes everyone else out of the way until they’re on the mini-bus. It’s pretty wild.

There are people EVERYWHERE… no matter where you go, there are probably at least 10,000 people going to the same place. There’s something like 3 million people in the city altogether… So I suppose it’s pretty easy to pick out our group from the crowd.


6 Responses to “First Post From Africa!”

  1. Joanna Cook said

    Hi Grant! We hope you’re doing well! Steven and I were looking at your update and your pictures. WOW- what an awesome experience! We pray that you continue to be safe throughout this journey. Thanks for the posts… they’re really fun to read!

  2. Jay said

    Those pictures are awesome! I’m glad you guys are safe. I saw two pictures of graham. Have you gotten to talk with him much? He’s pretty fantastic. You all look so out of place with your frat-tastic style. I hope you are acclimating easily.

  3. pattie said

    Wow! Great pictures Grant! We love you and miss you!

  4. Libby Kinse said

    Grant, will be praying for you and the other guys. May God do awesome things through you and may all those kids see Jesus in you and know his love for them.

  5. Grant! I am loving your pictures and hearing about your trip. I don’t know if you knew that I was in Addis for a few weeks last summer. It is a wonderful place and I miss it very much! I don’t know if your organization is linked with any of the same one’s that Mocha Club was linked with, but let me know if you visit: Kechene Study Center, Hannah’s Oraphange, Kid’s Care, American World Adoption Association Transition Home, or an area just outside Addis called Ambo. If you have a chance, there are pictures of all those places on my blog And there is one particular place not far from Ambo called Crater Lake that you would LOVE.

  6. Keira Vestal said

    Hi Grant, Glad to hear you are there and already on-the-go. Keep us posted and let us know how we can pray for your time there. 🙂

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