The Long Way Home


So I’ve finally started working in my job here in Addis. I’ll be working with SIM (Serving In Mission, during the week. So far I’m helping them get some stuff organized at one of their offices, but I’ll be working out of a different office soon – possibly doing home visits to HIV-positive folks receiving aid from SIM in the mornings and teaching some English in the afternoons when the kids get home from school.

Ah…. if only it looked like this everyday. These busses are lined up to take people the opposite direction of where I’ve got to go everyday.

So currently, it takes me about an hour (If I’m lucky) to get to work in the morning via the mini-bus system, and about an hour and a half at the absolute minimum to get home. Maybe more like two hours. Rush hour in Addis is crucial. However, at the same time I’m heading home everyone lights a cooking fire in the city. Even though the sun won’t set till about 7 (kinda early because of the smog I think), Around 5 to 5:30 the sky starts looking like it’s on fire. So at least I can take pictures while I wait and wait and wait for a mini-bus to venture out to where I work.



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