Well… Ramadan is over!


I learned that the hard way the other morning. We all woke up at 6am sharp on Sunday to the sound of cannon fire, and the walls of the bunk house shaking. Yes. Cannon fire. I literally thought Somalia was attacking us and we were going to have to be flown out of the country by the US Embassy. But we weren’t under attack. The Muslims were celebrating. With cannons.

According to our friend Habtamu the cab driver, this is what we an expect from all Muslim holy days…. in his words, “Muslim holy day…. BOOOM!”

Anyhow, everyone seems to be well again after several of us had it out with some Ethiopian bacteria. And we’re all back at work. I’ve spent today in the Lidetta office of SIM… not doing a whole lot… basically waiting on the kids to get out of school so I can maybe help with an English lesson.

I’ve been carrying my camera around with me everywhere in hopes that I’ll catch something fantastic and take a picture of it… Well… that almost happened Sunday when a wedding procession passed Adam and me while we were standing on the side of the road. They were all in white Mercedes’ hanging out the windows and what-not. There was a truck full of people and a video camera in the lead to document the occasion. It was pretty exciting. Unfortunately, those pictures came out blurry because it was getting dark outside. So, instead I have a picture that I sketchily snapped from the hip while I was walking to lunch (I’m pretty sure people around here don’t really want their picture taken without being asked). Here you go!



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