The Dry Season


So when we first got here it rained pretty much every day… though not for very long each time. And then the dry season came sorta in the middle of September.

Last week we had some very unseasonable rain… and quite a bit of it. Unfortunately, though the country needs the water, it’s awful for the crops. Instead of drying out and being harvested, many are rotting because of the unexpected rain. Last Sunday was probably the worst. I got quite a few dirty looks for snapping pictures as we rode along in the minibus, but I had to capture just how much rain came down:



On a different note entirely, a few days ago I finished up a little early and headed out to Kolfe to an orphanage where Porter and Sam are teaching English a few days a week.


Anyhow… we’re back to beautiful blue skies now!


One Response to “The Dry Season”

  1. Averi Renee said

    I love the picture of the orphanage. The colors are awesome!

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