All Over The Place


This is going to be sorta random. The first few are some things I see everyday. We’ve been moved into a hotel so a huge group from Tennessee can stay at the Cherokee House/Lodge, so that’s a bit of a downer. It’s a long walk to the Cherokee House/Lodge for dinner every night.

This group of donkeys nearly ran us over on our way to lunch yesterday. It’s sortof a daily thing to dodge packs of donkeys on sidewalks.


So yesterday Adam, Scott and I decided to climb a nearby mountain. We had some coffee first.


And then went to see if anyone was at the Cherokee House… No one was. Here’s what our neighborhood looks like, btw.


When we got the house, we found a sheep. I suppose we’ll be killing that and eating it. This is sorta the routine whenever guests come. Many sheep die.


Anyway… so I guess it must be something of an American thing to climb a mountain merely because it is there, and we’re here. All the Ethiopians we asked about getting up to the top were pretty confused as to why we would want to do such a thing. One guy who was welding together some gates down at the base of it looked up and told our translator that though he’d lived at the base his whole life, he’d never even thought about going up. The guy who was translating for us was our friend Habtamu the cab driver. He’s probably one of the wisest men I’ve ever met. He wasn’t particularly sure about us going up, and tried to talk us out of it. He questioned everyone around there pretty thoroughly to make sure it would be safe for us to go. He even demanded that this fellow with a horse-drawn cart produce a government ID card so that Habtamu would know who he was. In the end, Habtamu negotiated with the horse driver to take us up and back for forty birr (less than $3.75) for the three of us. It was freaking awesome. Definitely the most beautiful view I’ve seen yet. Here are some of the pictures from that excursion:

Here’s Habtamu negotiating

Like I said… it was pretty up there.

At one point the horse became rather uncooperative, and we had to get out and walk.

View from the cartpath

As usual, we had an escort from some locals:

The ride back down:

And finally… here’s a pano from the highest point we got to, looking back at the city sprawled out below.

Less than three weeks left til we’re headed home!


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