Lion Prison


Also known as the place where old, sad lions go to die. It’s officially called the Ethiopia Lion Zoo. In theory, it’d be pretty sweet to be inches away from a bunch of lions, separated by a little fence. In reality it’s more about the Lion Zoo Photographers taking pictures of folks who pay them. Most of the time, the people being photographed grab onto the manes of the lions closes to the fence to get them to sit up for the photo op. They’ll do anything, shout at the lions… spit on them… anything to get them to react so they can get a picture. It was a really sad place. I think these convey some of what it’s like to be there:

This guy was having his picture taken after he jerked on the mane of this lion. If the lions want to lie in the sun, they have to be right up against the fence where people can grab at them.

This lioness looked up at me when she heard my camera go off. Once she decided she didn’t really care about having her picture taken she lied back down.

Each cage had a lion and a lioness. This lioness, however, was sleeping in the back of her cage by herself.


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