Tibs and Koort


So we’ve been eating at this placed called ‘Ashu’ (or something like that… again, it’s only spelled in Amharic, so you can spell it however you want in English) from time to time… It’s pretty much a place that only serves beef, cooked (or not cooked… I’ll get to that in a second) several ways. They kill between 3 and 5 cows everyday and serve the beef until it runs out. The raw beef sits in the front window and you can order some straight from the butcher to take home with you and cook it yourself. This little guy was working in the butcher’s window and kept making faces at me and pointing to my camera. Somehow or another I managed to get a shot of him when he wasn’t paying attention.


For white folks, pretty much the only choice is ‘tibs’ as they’re the only cooked variety. It’s pretty much small cuts of beef cooked well done and served with injera, bread, and a variety of EXTREMELY spicy sauces. Here’s what that looks like.


And the first of the two other options are ‘kitfo’ which is raw, minced beef. Eating this if you’re an American is like asking for a parasite. The second is called ‘koort’ (or something like that. at least I think that’s what the guy told me it was called.). Koort is pretty much like eating a really nice cut of steak raw. They serve it with some seriously spicy sauces and a very sharp knife with which to cut it up. Both are very traditional Ethiopian dishes. They love the stuff. When I first got there, we were sharing a table with two Ethiopian guys who spoke very good English, and they convinced me to try a bite. Don’t worry, Mom, it did not make me sick. The advice I got from one of the nurses at SIM was this “Don’t eat the fat… you will get a tapeworm.” I didn’t eat the fat. It was good… just really chewy. So yeah… here’s what that looked like:


Hopefully this’ll be the end of food posts. 9 Days until we head home!


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