Distribution Day One


So I’ve written a little about the organization I’m volunteering with before, SIM/MTW. The specific program is MTW-ACT… or, Mission to the World, AIDS Care and Treatment. (mtwact.org) The program has a number of beneficiaries for each office, which are strategically placed where the highest percentage of HIV/AIDS cases are in the city. I’ve been working in one in the Bole area. The largest office is near the Lideta area of the city. The beneficiaries, in addition to having free access to nurses at the project, are counselled by the staff and by other beneficiaries. If they are too sick to work, they receive support in the form of help with rent money (up to 80 birr… generally less depending on each beneficiary’s needs), food supplies (teff wheat, cooking oil, etc.) and things like soap and toothpaste. Today is the support distribution day for Lideta and I’ve been helping out with passing out the rent money. Tomorrow I’ll be in Bole doing the same thing. Anyhow, here are some photos from today:

Beneficiaries waiting on teff distribution

Some beneficiaries receiving rent money support

Alemu double checking the numbers on rent money support

Two expert patients passing out cooking supplies to another beneficiary. This one in particular pointed at my camera and beat her chest and gave me a huge smile hoping I would take her picture

An SIM staff member passing out rent money support to beneficiaries

This is sorta random… these guys are playing fooseball pretty much every time I go the Lideta office of SIM. Thought I’d throw up a picture of them:


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