Final Ethiopia Pictures


Whew, I’ve been home for a little over a week now, and I’ve gotten through all my photos, re-edited them, and uploaded them for those out there who are interested. There are a handful of pictures I haven’t posted before from the last few days of our trip, and some randomly interspersed ones from the middle. As there are 241 of them, I obviously cannot put them all up on here… but you can view them in a sort of gallery/slideshow on my flickr site…

Here’s the link: CLICK!

As far as some final observations about the trip, I have a few things to say. Overall, it was certainly an unbelievable experience. I’m extremely grateful for having seen the things I’ve seen, and for meeting all the people I met. The state of aid organizations over there is pretty well mind-bogglingly corrupt… which is about all I’ll say on the subject other than that if any of you are planning to give money to anyone claiming to be ‘helping’ poor folks in Ethiopia, make sure you know where the money is going. In the great majority of cases, it seems, the money never reaches the people it’s intended to reach.

The Ethiopian people are absolutely amazing, and I am so thankful for how nice they were to me and the other volunteers. The country is quite beautiful too…. just unfortunately quite dirty, crowded, and absurdly unorganized in the city.


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