The Boys


So after carrying my camera pretty well all over the world (it’s been across the country, went with me over 100 miles backpacking in NM, sailing in the BVIs, roaming around the British Isles and France, down to the gulf coast twice, and now to Ethiopia and the UAE)… I broke my camera driving around Durham. Awesome. It fell off the back seat of my truck as I was driving around taking some pictures of old buildings in Durham. This happened on the same day that I was supposed to take some Christmas pictures of two handsome young guys. Long story short, I was able to trade in two of my old lenses (one that I VERY rarely use… maybe one day in the last three months, and one that I haven’t used in years) in on a different camera – an older Nikon D100.

Somehow or another I was able to take some pretty solid pictures of the two little fellas, Andrew and Alexander. Here are some of my favorites:






All in all, I think they turned out very well, and it seems like this camera might work out okay for the time being after all!


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