So I headed up to Williamsburg with Averi for Brittany and Andrew’s wedding on New Year’s eve… Beautiful ceremony, awesome reception… and a great time was had by all! Thanks Andrew and Brittany for letting Averi and I be a part of this special weekend!

I took a handful of photos at the ceremony…. only these two turned out okay, unfortunately.


I got to spend some time hanging out in Williamsburg with my buddy Braxton, which was sweet. I wandered around a bit to take some photos… but it was crazy cold outside, so that didn’t last long. Anyhow… here’s what I snapped during my rather short walk/drive around Colonial Williamsburg in the order they were taken:

Old little bottom in the middle of town:

The dumpin’ weirdest trees of all time:

Rockafeller Folk Art Museum:

I hope this conveys how cold I was when I took this picture:

So called ‘confusion corner’… yeild signs for turning lanes, stop signs for straight lanes, opposite lanes have different signage, weird median:


(Obviously) The Williamsburg Inn. Supposed to be super nice. I dunno. Never been in it:

All in all… absolutely fantastic weekend… shame it was so cold outside!