I’ve been awfully lazy about posting anything… mainly due to all the other stuff Averi and I have going on. I’ve got another camera now, a Nikon D90. I’m in the process of selling the D100. I splurged and got a battery grip for it so that I would have a little extra battery life and more control while shooting.

I got really my first chance to take some pictures with it on a pretty random trip to Memphis with my buddy Adam. We ended up on some crazy back roads on the NC/TN border due to the rockfall that’s closed I-40. Here are some of the shots I got there:




We pretty much made the trip in a hair over 24 hours. As soon as we got to Memphis, we turned around and headed back – driving through the night. I got pretty much only one halfway-okay shot in town as we were driving across the Mississippi River (which we went across just to say we did it).


And as we were driving back and finally started seeing light again, I snapped a few when we stopped to get some snacks and switch drivers… really just because I felt like I needed to capture how the scene felt at the moment. I hope it conveys a little bit of it.


Anyhow… I’m extremely pleased with the camera. I felt pretty limited by the D100. It did not perform as well as the D50 did at higher ISO’s, and it was very slow. The extra control it had over the D50 was great though – lots of options and buttons to change settings more quickly. I had a battery grip on it also, and got rather attached to it… which was why I ended up getting one for the D90. The low-light performance of the D90 is pretty remarkable. Certainly better than anything else I’ve had the opportunity to shoot with. It shoots HD (720P) video also…. but it’s been pretty hard to get the hang of. It’s manual focus only, and that takes some serious getting used-to.


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