Opening Day
Some Light DIY
Christmas Decorations
Carteret County
Savannah, GA
Fall Colors
State Fair
It Had Come to This
Way Behind
Honeymoon – Martha’s Vineyard
We Bought a House!!
Hard to Leave
Newest Member of the Family
Snow at the Beach!
New Year’s in Williamsburg and Congrats Brittany and Andrew!
She Said Yes!
The Boys
I’m Back!
Final Ethiopia Pictures
Getting Up Some Courage
Distribution Day One
Better To Be Lucky Than Good
Tibs and Koot
Lion Prison
All Over the Place
The Dry Season
Oh My Flag Day!
View From The Top
Please Don’t Worry.
Getting More ‘Real’
Well… Ramadan is over!
The Long Way Home
Jermaine Dupri…
First Post From Africa!
My View As of Late
Graduation Weekend
Art 390 Final Project
Final Project in Progress
Spring Break Round Two
Spring is Coming!
Here We Go
And So It Begins
CPAC Conference (Saturday)
CPAC Conference (Friday)
4 Years in a Row!
Busy Busy.
Tennis vs Ohio State
Hey! I can do that!
Snow In Chapel Hill
Down East
Borrowed 5D
Durham is Terrible
More of the Same
Bored + Blog = Pictures
Meet Jerry


One Response to “Old Posts”

  1. Celia Linderman said

    I was browsing websites to see something interesting and inspiring to carry me through the day. Your photos were so beautiful! Made my day!

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